Estate Identity

Welcome to Château du Ponceau, in Ligné. This castle was built ont the hight plate of Ligné, cross of Erdre and Loire rivers. The first castle built in 1585 was an old town house.

Today, only two wings castle exist, its shelter our wine storehouses.

In 1847, François du Ponceau built the actual castle.


The second estate is Château de Clermont, in Le Cellier. Benoît Landron took the vineyard in 2009 (and he will be reward in 2010 for the best agricole installation in Pays de la Loire area)

The castle and the wines were owning by the actor Louis de Funès from 1967 to his death in 1983. In 1986, his family sold the castle to an hospice association.

Today the castle is divided in few flat and the vineyard is cultivated by Landron Chartier Company.


The story of Landron family

The story began between the two World War. Julien Landron, aged of 60 years bought a farm with 2 hectares of wines.

Pierre Landron, one of his sons, developed the estate in La Haye Fouassière, in the heart of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine area.

After his degree in viticulture and oenology, Bernard Landron worked with his dad and increase a solid experience.


In 1990, Bernard create his own company in Château de la Carizière and he grew 9 hectares of Muscadet and gros plant grapes varieties. The company grew up to 18 hectares in 1996.

Two years later, Bernard associated with Joseph, his brother to form only one company. This collaboration stoped in 2002.

Bernard and Françoise, his wife, set off again to a new adventure in taking the vineyard of Château du Ponceau, in Ligné, in 2002. The estate was aroud 20 hectares.

The 1st april 2009, the domain developed with the installation of Benoît, their son. He took the vineyard oh Château de Clermont, growing up the company to 45 hectares.

Half of wine marketing is realized in the cellars of the two estates.

Since the arriving of Benoît, the business has been developed to cellarmen, export and traditionnal sector.

This winegrower family wants only one thing : to respect and to increase in value of the « terroir ».

In the second year of switch organic farming, the family is doing everything to perfect the wines fineness and quality.

Today, the estate is aroud 30 hectares.